Device never starts after being put in standby

If I’m understanding this thing correctly, a short press of the power button will put the WD TV in standby, a long press will completely power off. I’m finding that when I put it in standby and return to the device after a day or two, it’s completely unresponsive and I have to pull the power to get it to turn on from scratch. Is there any way to fix this, or is it not designed to be in standby for more than a day? Thanks!

This is not the expected behavior, it should come back from standby, not matter for how long it has been in this state. You can try a reset, by holding its reset button for 1 second, you may also try plugging the unit to another outlet, directly to the wall.

This also just recently started happening to me. I have reset the device twice now and it still does it. Coincidentally, it never used to do this prior to the new firmware.

I am also seeing this behaviour.  Eventually, my device responds and comes out of standby, but it’s taking a VERY long time to do this - up to 5  mins.  This behaviour just started since I updated to firmware v1.08.17 the other day.  v1.08.17 fixes a major bug that caused the unit to reboot when scrolling through folders with many items, so I won’t be downgrading just to fix this new issue, but this might be an attractive option for some.  Untill WD fixes this new bug, I just make a note to bring the device out of standby a while before I actually want to use it.  By the time I’m ready for it, it’s usually ready to work again.

If I had to speculate wildly, I’d say that WD’s “solution” to the reboot bug fixed by v1.08.17 was to have the unit read-ahead and cache all found folder listings so the reboot bug doesn’t get tripped when viewing these folders.  Caching large folders takes time, though, which is what I suspect is causing the delay when returning from standby.  We have to wait while the device re-reads all the folders in the content source it was on when it went into standby.

Have you done device reset? 

Before claim a firmware fault you have to proove it.

Flash back [if needs] to your old/prevision firmware and see if the problem will persist.

I’m also using this  v1.08.17 firmware and don’t have such problems.