Device keeps waking up after several seconds

I have a WD My Cloud door several months now, but I have noticed the device is going into stand by mode for just a few seconds and then wakes up. It does this continuously and never really stays in stand by mode. How can I know which device forces my cloud to stay awake?

For several months :wink:

Hi Giolovin, welcome to the WD Community. Have you recently copied any new files to the My Cloud? If you have, the My Cloud will index the files, once it finishes it will return to the normal sleep mode. 

No this isn’t the case it has been weeks since I’ve put new files on my cloud.

I’ve always had this problem, the device wants to go to sleep, spins down and after about 10 seconds wakes up again. It’s like something is preventing it from sleeping, but I don’t know what exactly.