Device is offline.... Again


I own a WD EX4 and my overall experience is very frustrating. The device doesn’t live up to my expectations whatsoever. Some day I wrote to the support center, I got a answer after 2 month… The “answer” wasn’t any:


So… Thank [Deleted] for your effort, sure you are interesting on my case!

Anyway, I’m on the go most of the time so I don’t care much about the performance of the device over my WIFI, I would like to get it working on the 3G, real stuff,a real situation.

Today, when I was far from home, I needed to see some tutorial videos I had on my EX4 and the device didn’t work. At least,  I was able to actually open that awful MyCloud Windows software but couldn’t open any file at all, I got that nice "The device is offline"message.

When I came back, I pull off all cables, switched ON/OFF my router, tablet, EX4… And it worked… after severalminutes of frustration and.

The question is: what was wrong? I know people say “look at the manual” but that isn’t a proper answer because that isn’t any answer at all!!! I need answer, not unspecified tips. I also took a look on settings and so on, nothing remarkable there. The interesting think was that I have 11 devices connected to my EX4… I didn’t know I was that rick.

Thanks if any.

I wonder if the device is going to sleep and not being woken up by remote requests? In the web interface, do you have it configured to sleep the drives? If so, maybe turn off sleeping and next time you are away, try to access it.

Also, I wonder if you have a fixed or dynamic IP from your ISP? Because maybe inactivity on your network lets your ISP expire your IP and you only get a new one when your network starts trying to talk to the internet. If the NAS maybe doesn’t communicate with mycloud very often and so when mycloud tries to connect you back to your NAS the IP address is changed, the connection could fail.

That it says you have 11 devices makes me wonder whether your NAS is being accessed from the internet or from your local network in ways that you weren’t expecting?