Device Inaccessible AGAIN!

Seriously, again?

I’ve rebooted my EX4, toggled the “Cloud Service” option, it’s showing Port Forwarding as it should.  All my share settings are set properly and I can access my device if I turn on my wi-fi, but not remotely.  What else can I do?

Edit:  Ok so my girlfriend is traveling on business right now and called me this morning saying she couldn’t access my cloud. I tried and got the same “device inaccessible” message.  Suddenly 2 hours later its working fine and I didn’t change anything. What’s the deal WD? I bought this EX4 to use at my convenience, not when it’s convenient for your equipment to suddenly give me access.

Hi  Jumpman,

It’s hard to tell if all the settings are properly set.

If the situation arises again, please contact WD Support for direct assistance.

WD Contact info: