Device goes "offline" on when using Play To

I use the Windows 7/8 Play To feature a lot to push music to my Live Hub. Unfortunately, I am experiencing an issue where, after about 20 minutes of streaming to the device, Play To reads the Live Hub as “offline.” I can still share files to and from the harddrive, and some of the features of play to still work. I can stop (not pause) a file being played, I can even play a song by double clicking it.

I can’t add a new file to the list to be played (Live Hub disappears from Play To in the context menu), pause, skip foward or back, or adjust volume. If I reconnect to my network it works again for about 20 minutes. It has occasionally randomly come back online but this is very rare.

Anyone else experienced this or know how to fix it?

Not sure, check if there is any firewall or security software that might be interfering.  You may also try resetting the Hub, by holding its reset button for 4 seconds.  You can also try using Play To from another PC, to compare the results.