Device Electroically Protected Sticker


I have like 8x 4tb WD Elements Desktop Absolute version hard drives. Just the normal black ones withought any of the fancy accessories backup security etc. Just backup.

Anyhow the last two i purchased yesterday has a sticker on the box saying this hard drive is electronically protected.

Is this for like security from the store meaning if you try and steal it the alarm will go off or is this a new feature on the hard drives itsself?. Because i dont want anything like this.

I’m using them strictly for movie backups using a media player and the reason i buy these ones is because they dont have anything such as encryption and password protection backup etc.

So if anyone knows about these new batches and what this means exactly that would be helpful to me.


sounds like a shop alarm sticker to me … if it’s on the box, but not on the hdd itself, then thats what it is

(when i worked in retail, i used to stick them on co-workers backs without them knowing … for a laugh :wink: )