Device Drivers needed for My Passport Elite

I see that other people have been having the same issue as reguarding this URL

I am also having the same problem reguarding the Passport Elite where it is not fully recognized.  I need to download the device drivers for the hard drive,  need to know where I can get them to install them manually.  I have tried through automatic update through windows but it recognizes that there are no drivers and then gives me an error message and closes itself out.  I have tried to use the drive on a pc, and on my laptop, wont be recognized.  Short of following through on the RMA that is created and loosing my information, I would like to have an alternative method.  I would wish to retrieve my information before sending the Unit in.  I have tried a data recovery company, but alas they need the device driver also.  Where can I find the device driver for the unit?

To use your drive successfully you don’t need third part driver. SES driver may be required if you’re using password option. If you cannot use your drive under windows means your drive is malfunctioning. I am afraid you won’t be able to recover your data if RMA this drive.

Did you see this  it might be in the virtual CD. Did you reformat the drive or hide the VCD? When you plug it in if it asks to install SES driver click yes.