Device Drive Error "Reboot your device and try again"?

Hi guys,

I need some help please…

I just bought a 2T My Passport Wireless, and did a partition of the disk in Mac Disk Utility. I did a 3 parts partition. 1 for my Time Machine backups.

Everything works well when connected to the USB port.

But when I use it wirelessly , I get this message "Device Drive Error “Reboot your device and try again” " …how do I reboot the device?

Everything in the defaullt folders has been erased when partition…

Please help :frowning:


Hello and welcome to the WD Community.

Instructions for resetting or rebooting the drive are included on the unit user manual on page 47

Link to manual:

Manually Resetting the Drive For a system only reset, the battery has to have at least a 25% charge.

  1. With the power ON, hold down the Power and WPS buttons at the same time for around 10 seconds until the drive reboots and the Power and Battery Status LED flashes white.

  2. Wait until the Wi-Fi LED is blue before reconnecting.

Hi ERmorel,

Thanks for your help! I tried and it doesn’t work. I keep on getting the same message …

I wonder if it has anything to do with me encrypting the Time Machine partition of My Passport.

Any Mac guys here can please help me??? :frowning: