Device doesn't work,about to return it to store

I have just bought a 2tb My Cloud storage device to connect to my router via ethernet cable which I have done. I followed the quick set up guide opened an account etc but i cannot get the thing to work. I have clicked on Network and found the device, no dashboards comes up and Smartware if clicked on comes up saying empty folder. What am I doing wrong.

What color is the front LED?

Do you by change have AT&T Uverse or use one of the following routers mentioned in the following WD Support Knowledgebase article?

What other troubleshooting steps have you tried?

I have a TalkTalk router. It has 4 ethernet slots and a WAN. I have not connected to the WAN but to the first of the ethernet slots.

What color is the front LED on the My Cloud?

See the following document that explains how to access the My Cloud Dashboard:

Read the My Cloud User Manual if you haven’t already:

Hi Bennor,

I can now access the dashboard, how do I get the My Cloud to copy my
files from my computer? Do I use the internal back up?

You should be able to drag and drop or use SmartWare. Use this link for the User Manual for SmartWare.

Do I have to download smartware?

I thought you already had SmartWare. If using Windows 10 Click on the Start button and WD Discovery. See image below.

If you don’t have it then download it.

To open the Dashboard, does it show up under Network>Storage? If yes, right click on it and choose View Device WebPage. That should bring up the Dashboard where you can set up Users and Shares along with everything else.

The My Cloud is a network attached storage device. Typically to copy files to or from the My Cloud you would use Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder, or some other software installed on the computer or mobile device.

As previously indicated, please read the My Cloud User Manual which explains how to use the My Cloud.

You can use any backup software you like; you are not restricted to WD software.

Thanks for your reply. So Smartware will copy my files to the My Cloud
and update the files as I change them on a continous nature?

If that’s the way you set it up. You need to read the User Manual and all the Help information provided in SmartWare under the Help tab and . I have mine set up for certain days as shown in examples in this discussion,
Any success win 10 . My Desktop is set up to backup on Monday and Friday mornings, and my Horace share on Sunday morning. My laptop backs up on Sunday’s at 9:00 am if I remember to turn it on or when I choose to back it up.

I have now downloaded Smartware and have at last been able to start the
back up of my PC.

Thanks a lot for your help.