Device DNS problems

I have recently set up a new WDMyCloud.  I changed  the device name to ‘MyCloud’ and was able to connect to the shares through windows explorer using \MyCloud .  All was good …

I then took 15 mins to set up my desktop access and iphone access as Cloud users and suddently my 64bit Windows 7 machine doesn’t recognise \MyCloud in windows explorer any more.  I can still get to the MyCloud drive by using the IP address, but I would prefer to use the device name.

(Incidently this is a problem for windows explorer only, the ‘MyCloud’ device still appears as a media device)

Has anyone else experienced this problem where the Windows computer doesn’t recognise the device name any more?


Was your WD My Cloud mapped before being renamed? If so, you may need to re-mapped all shares once more. I would also recommend a physical reboot of your computer system and your Personal Cloud Storage device to clear the connections.