Device cannot connect to network

I have configured sharing on my laptop running windows 7 which is going thru my Belkin N+ router and cannot see my pc. The icon on WD TV Live Plus for network shares when I hit enter I  get a message"device cannot connect to the network". I have reached out to WD tech support even Level 2 has given on up helping me resolve the problem so much for their support.

Have you read this:

Which Firmware version do you have?  I believe version 1.3.x.x and later is supposed to have improved compatability with Windows 7, though firmware 1.2.x.x worked fine with my W7. Can you get out to other network services like Youtube?  i.e. Is networking actually configured properly and working at all on your HD Live?

If so, do you have Windows Live Essentials 2011 or Microsoft Live Sign-in Assistant installed?  I believe these have known compatability issues with the WD Live.

I just did a firmware update 2 days ago they added Facebook and other internet content. I do have my pc configured to share on my network but the Live TV Plus keeps giving me the same error. I do have Live essentials the 2011 version the Live ID,login assistant are bundled with it and they are not able to be deleted intependently anymore.


Use this tutorial to make a networkshare…

All my problems are gone… include the sounds problems… i’ts cost me a serval weeks but this works fine for me.

Greetz Glenn