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I started developing a new Web app and Mobile App to integrate with My cloud Device.

I raised a request to in return they also sent me the ClientId and Client Secret that i need in order to move forward for my app development.

With this information i started working on this. when i started working on my Web App with PHP Authorization is giving an error i tried all the ways didn’t work.

For mobile app I used an User Agent flow of Authorization which is working but when i try to get the Access token i am getting an invalid clientId error.

I was using my own knowledge and also went through all the documentation in the but no luck.

I did sent them a mail a couple times for asking assistance. no response. I am stuck here to can’t continue working there is no other way of contacting other than email to which no one is responding.

Can someone help on this to move forward(may be staff)


Contacting WD Support with regards to development questions ( ) may take longer than expected since it may need to be forwarded to the corresponding teams.

Nonetheless, you could try sharing the exact error message you are encountering here in the WD Community. Hopefully an experienced User will be able to assist.

thanks for the Reply.

I think it is something how they setup to get the ClientId and Client Secret.
I am not excepting any reply right away but they should acknowledge we received your request we will contact you soon or something.
Anyways here is the Error Message I am getting
when i use from a Web App with PHP

When i Use from a User Agent flow inside a Mobile App

of course,developing mobile app demands a lot of patience. I believe the respective help desk definitely gave you the necessary assistance. By the way, WD community is the best place for asking the queries relating software and mobile app development.

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Hi Geetha Charan, can you share you python script file with me?

because I always get error that you have wrong credentials