Detecting files


after about a year my book essential (2TB) will no longer let me move, or delete files on the drive. Every time I have attempted to do so any computer I use will say detecting file and show the status bar until windows explorer no longer responds. I have tried everything I could think of including updating firmware , uninstalling the drive, converting to different formats but nothing seems to work. I have also changed the permissions on the files to no avail. The funny thing is i am still able to play media from the device in itunes or other players as well as move them on to my ipad. So at this point I’m looking for ideas , as I would rather not reformat the drive considering there is some importat files currently on the drive.

I have attempted to fix the drive on a few computers now and only one person was able to copy files to an external drive of his. Any help will be greatly appreciated thanks.



Try to use Photorec, this is a free data recovery application that allows you to retrieve most of your data from the drive, after you complete this process try to reformat the drive.