Detected but not mounting My Passport 4TB

Good day,

I’m a final year student. I have my work backed up on a WD my passport portable 4tb NTFS HDD. It had a software encryption every time I used the drive. It seemed to mount the original partition after unlocking. This failed some times. So I removed the encryption, which further made the device un mountable. It shows up in disk management/ utility, but can’t mount. I’ve tried windows, Mac, Ubuntu, with different wires too. I request the company to recover all of my data, which it has declined. Now all my college graduation work is stuck there inaccessible.
Thank you

Should’ve included reading warranty polices in your studies before making requests.

There is no warranty for loss or damage of data—you must regularly back up the data stored on your Product to a separate storage product.

Also, if you have your work “backed up” onto the 4TB My Passport

then you should have a copy of the data of the original data on another drive.

That’s what a “Backup” is … a 2nd copy of the data in case the original copy fails.

I have backups of everything on separate hard drives … so if one hard drive fails, i have a backup copy of the data on another hard drive.

Backup Definition (

If your Passport was your backup then where are the originals?