Desynchronization of the subtitles

Hi, any one knows why this happens?

Desynchronization of the subtitles which sometimes happens in some movies, when we fast foward or jump parts of the movie? (Even using the adjustment WD LIVE TV for the subtitles, sometimes is not possible to re-sync the picture with the caption).


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Um, I’m guessing you’re talking external files for your subs, right?

Otherwise I have no problem with subs embedded in my MKV files (and don’t know how they could *get* off, since they are basically being read at the same time as the video).  But I am using IDX subs (converted from blu-ray rips) so it’s possible other types are a problem.

It may have something to do with the fact that some subs formats use time an others use frames to indicate when subs will appear on screen, and on top of it, some movie formats can use diferent framerates. So, if a movie is 24fps and the same one on dif. format is 32fps the frame # 1000 is going to be on a diferent part of the movie on each file and the diference is only going to get bigger as the movie plays further…

the only quick fix is using left and right arrow on the remote… like 20 times during the movie and more often towards the end :stuck_out_tongue:

the real fix is verifying timeframes and change it… any subs editing program should be of assistance, theres plenty of freeones on the web

hope I was any help