Destination Not Available

My WD ShareSpace (4TB) is on all the time and connected to the network via the RJ45 to a fixed IP address on the router. When the PC turns on (it too is connected to the same router not via any hub or switch via RJ45) and loads the WD Anywhere Backup software (v4.00.5484) it always says the Destination Not Available. 

I look at the “My Computer” icon and I do see an ‘x’ indicating the drive mapping wasn’t successful. When I double click the icon, I am prompted with the userID and password and must enter it every time. This is the first annoying thing. 

The funny thing for me is that when I configured the backup job, I did not use a mapped drive. I used the network path and that’s never unavailable. 

I followed a thread in this forum albeit for a different WD product and it still doesn’t work for me:

After following the suggestion indicated in that thread, my XML configuration file looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
























It’s really annoying considering if I use Norton Backup, it has no problem finding my drive right away via network share. I just don’t want to use Norton Backup, since that software encrypts the information and I don’t need all that fancy security for my purpose.

I know many of you have dropped the WD Anywhere Backup software and went to other programs such as Memeo’s own product, not this driven by Memeo product, but I would like to try and stick to it. 

Have you tryed not connecting it to a switch?