Desperate need for news and progress

I feel there is a desperate need for the community to have some form of news from WD re the future of this device. We know a beta firmware has been produced and given the jump in firmware numbers this implies multiple in-house versions, but how long before we will see any real updates?

If WD expect this product to sell well they must show some willingness to communcate more with their clients. Anyone with a search engine and a desire to purchase a cheap NMT will come across this forum and probably be discouraged from the device which appears stagnant.

Further most of the posts appearing now on the various sub forums are reporting known bugs such as audio synch, mkv playback problems which most all of us now know about but are unable to offer any solutions except wait for the next firmware.

This hiatus is frustrating to say the least. Either WD shows evidence of product support or else this device is very likely to be a footnote in history by xmas 2010.

I agree 150% to your post, kosh2…! Fixing bugs is one thing - the other one is that WD doesn’t seem to be able (or willing?) to provide a descent UI for music and videos. Looking the demos of the next generation of media players (e.g. Boxee / Popbox) I doubt about that WD will ever provide something similar. That said, I’m sure that my “WD Live”  was the last product of WD I spent my money on - that’s for sure…