Desperate.....My Book Essentials

My HP Pavilion XP tanked which was originally connected to My Book Essentials.  I have all of my backups on the My Book drive.

I purchased a TOSHIBA Windows 7 and now need to reinstall My Book.  The unit did not come with software, and I can’t find software.  What I have tried already would not install.  I can see the My Book drive, but there is no backup software on the drive to install, nor any prompt to do so. 

Originally, I do not recall using Smartware, and instead went through Windows to backup and restore.  However, Windows will not recognize My Book on the new computer. 



You dont need software in order for the drive to be recognized in the computer.

If the drive is not seen on the computer you should try some basic troubleshooting.

1- Make sure the drive is plugged in directly into a wall outlet, avoid any extension cords, power surge and power strips.

2- Make sure the drive is plugged in properly into the USB port, If possible try another USB cable.

Check in “Disk Management” and make sure the drive is seen in there.