Desperate mother seeks to recover data in WD Passport Ultra

On July 28,2014 I bought from Amazon an WD Passport Ultra 1TB Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive with Auto Backup - Titanium to give to my oldest daughter who happens to be a dancing teacher and needs to have her choreography classes recorded every day. Two weeks ago, for her despair, the HD stopped  work and the files within it can no longer be reached. According to the IT support person at her work it seems that the device lost the files “indexation” and for this reason they cannot be read. We have looked throughout the country  but unfortunately we could not find anyone to open the device and assure us he would  recover the files. Considering the device is being used for only 10 months, what seems an awful short time for problems, and considering those files are essential for the recital they have in two months, we would appreciate receiveing any kind of help to lead us towards recovering the data.

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If data recovery is imperative then it’s best to contact a professional/specialized service company. The following link contains a list of certified companies.

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Were you able to recover your data?