Desperate for help no idea where to turn

Hi all! Im desperate for help and no idea where I should turn for help…I have WD TV Live SMP and it plays all my media on my external hd perfectly. The Problem seems to be streaming issues from the internet. I upgraded my home network to belkin n600 router and while most services on WD SMP play fine its hit and miss some which i access via Playon and are third party plugins to enable more viewing channels like yoga and giant bomb and regular hulu some videos will play fine and then sometimes i get the constant circling round arrow of death and have to remove power cord from wd for 30 seconds to reset it. When you do this 30 times for 8 videos you get annoyed. Of course playon uses excuse its third party but i dont know if WD Tv Live needs a special port opened on router or whats going on. Not happy camper so if anyone has any idea’s please please please HELP!!!

Hello Mate,

This appears to be a Playon issue the reason why i said this is because you are able to stream content from another provider.

Is your computer wireless card N as well?

Hi there Forgot to mention my Computer and WD tv live is Hardwired together so its not wifi, when Im on Wifi its Worse and this isnt limited to playon issues its also happens with WD Tv Live Services as well the videos section forgot to mention that sorry

I use Playon as well. Some of the 3rd party plugins are hit and miss on the video. Check the hardware/bandwidth tests in the Playon settings on your computer. If you still need help, I would post this in the Playon forums. Your problem doesn’t look related to the WD SMP.