Desktop2TB March2013 Question

Sorry for posting here, but I could not find another board that was appropriate. I participated in the Desktop2TB March2013 tests and the drive has developed an issue I thought you may be interested in. The drive “disappears” shortly after a system boot. It does not show up in Explorer or anywhere else. So far, when I reboot the drive “reappears” for maybe 5 - 10 minutes. This started a few days ago, and I had made no system changes (that I remember) just before this started occurring.

I have a MyCloud Home, an Elements ext USB and a MyBook ext usd drive attached to this system, and they all are unaffected by this.

Obviously I would appreciate knowing if this is a know issue, but I also wanted to let you know. I tried to find a place to post this on the CREW website, but could not find a place to do so. Thanx!