Desktop Client for OSX

Is there any Desktop Client app for OSX like Dropbox’s or Drive’s app to connect to My Cloud wherever I am? I don’t like to connect to My Cloud through Safari when I’m not home. I have to download and re-upload all the files that I modify. I think it’s not optimal. I’m not talking about an app that downloads all the MyCloud content to the computer and makes a copy. I’m talking about an app that allows you to stream your videos, photos and music without firstly downloading them and that allows you to modify documents and automatically detect changes to upload them.


If you have not read the My Cloud User Manual ( you should, as it explains the various methods of both local and remote access to the My Cloud. Or see the following WD Learning Center links, or see the My Cloud Dashboard Help.

One can use the WD My Cloud Desktop program (for Mac and Windows) to access the My Cloud remotely to upload/download files and view/play certain media files.

WD My Cloud Desktop:
This app keeps your PC or Mac connected to your personal cloud, no matter where you are. From the application, you can easily drag and drop to transfer, manage your files and share links to specific files or folders via email.
Mac Link Location:
Windows Link Location:

The app does not run on OSX Catalina. It says it needs to be updated by the developer. Is there going to be an update soon so that those of us on mac can access our files? also this link: comes up as 404 not found

The My Cloud Desktop is end of life. And WD no longer supports the software. It stopped working properly with recent firmware updates to the My Cloud.

For local network access one didn’t need the Desktop app anyway. One can use Mac Finder for local network access to their My Cloud.

For remote access to a My Cloud one can use the web portal or the MY Cloud app for iOS or Android.