Desktop Backup?

Can I use the MyCloud drive as a desktop data backup? It appears I am using it as a cloud storage device - that all my data is being uploaded to the cloud and not the desktop hardrive I bought (like the other drives I used for Time Machine backups).

The drive is not visible from the hard drive or disk management software.

The 2 TB I need to backup has only done 230 GB in two days!

Have you read the My Cloud User Manual ( In particular Chapter 4, Backing Up and Retrieving Files which explains how to setup/use Smartware to perform a backup of a Wiindows computer to the My Cloud. One can also read the Smartware User Manual ( to learn more about the software and how to install/configure it. The My Cloud User Manual also explains how to “map” a Share to your computer. Or see the following WD Support document on mapping a Share:

Or see this video on Smartware:

I do not have a Windows computer. I use an iMac. So to get the answer to my question, I just need to read the manual? OK, thanks for your help.

When I look in the manual to launch from Mac OS, it says:

Mac OS X (shortcut) 1. Click Safari > Bookmark > Bonjour.
2. Double-click the My Cloud device on the network.

When I lauch Safari and click on Bookmarks - there IS NO BONJOUR!

How do I configure the MyCloud hard drive so I can see it - use it - like a hard drive backup from my iMac?

Stil only up to 299 GB of 2 TB data I need to back up! So slow. Do I need to return it and try a Seagate or other drive?

If the My Cloud is connected to the local network and is properly configured one can access the WD My Cloud Dashboard using a web browser. From the Dashboard one can configure the various My Cloud Settings. See Chapter 5, The Dashboard At a Glance, Launching the Dashboard, A browser or Windows Explorer. There are instructions for Mac in that section. Or see the following WD Support document:

One can use Apple’s Time Machine to backup a Mac to the My Cloud. In the My Cloud User Manual see Chapter 4, Backing Up and Retrieving Files, Using Apple Time Machine.

See the following WD Support document for more detailed information on how to “map” a Share to the Mac:

Your answers are very detailed and expertly presented. However, I get the feeling they are from a PC user who does not use a Macintosh. I do NOT understand the workings of PCs (even though I use one at work because I have to), so setting up a backup drive should be a piece of cake. I have done it numerous times using Seagate, Lacie - I even now use a WD passport 3 TB drive to backup my hard drive for use with my Macbook Pro. I do not understand why I cannot use the MyCloud 4TB drive the same way.

I think I will just ship it back and get a Seagate if I can’t get any help from support (I emailed them).

Thank you for taking the time to try to show me how to get it to work.

Did you look at the links in my previous post? They are FOR Mac OS users. They detail how to access the My Cloud Dashboard using a Mac and how to map a Share to the Mac. The previously posted link to the My Cloud User Manual explains how to use Time Machine to backup to the My Cloud from a Mac.

The My Cloud is NOT an external hard drive in the normal sense, rather it is a network attached storage (NAS) device. You typically connect it to your local network. You cannot use the USB port on the My Cloud to connect the My Cloud to your Mac. The USB port on the My Cloud is for attaching external USB hard drives. The Ethernet port on the My Cloud typically gets connected to your network router, or in a pinch you can connect it to your computer’s Ethernet port.

Yes, I did look at all of your reference points. And, as I said, they made no sense. Especially the specific Mac instructions regarding Dashboard (there was no bonjour click point in the Safari bookmarks). I have the MyCloud connected to my local network using the Ethernet port to my router. But it does not show in the Finder.

Please do not be offended. I mean no offense. I am just frustrrated with how difficult it is to set up a simple backup for my iMac. I honestly appreciate your taking the time to try to help this Mac user use the MyCloud (something I more than likely should have not bought!).

I do not use any of the WD software, so here is what works for me:

  • internet browser for dashboard access (http://my-devce-ip)
  • Windows File Explorer for accessing or map the share: \\my-devce-ip\
  • OS x Finder for accessing the share: Finder > Go > Connect to Server > smb://my-device-ip

You can also try it replacing my-device-ip by the name of the device.

I am a Mac user. Timemachine can be used to backup the Macs. Check the mycloud manual as well as Mac’s options for timemachine usage.
For backups, I use rsync CLI which is better than Timemachine IMHO. If you never heard of it, search it on the internet, plenty of info.

You do not need to use the Bonjour option. As the “How to access the Dashboard on a My Cloud device” link above indicates (in step 2) you can access the My Cloud Dashboard from your Mac’s web browser using: http://WDMyCloud.local/

Note that El Capitan users are having problems with the My Cloud. One can do a subforum search for El Capitan to see the numerous threads discussing the various issues. Here is the big thread that may be worth reading to see if anything in there helps if one is using El Capitan.

Thank you. I will check it out. I did not upgrade to El Capitan for numerous reasons.

@klgriff Are you trying to backup to the My Cloud or a desktop computer? Here is another video about Apple computers. Watch it and see if it helps.