Desktop are saving straight to cloud drive, help!

if someone can help me here it would be great!!

i have an issue on my gf’s laptop where all of the saves she has on her desktop on her windows vista lappy are going straight to the cloud drive. but the icon is still on the desktop but if you do the propities on the file, the destination is the cloud drive not the normal windows desktop.

this is causing a massive problem in the sense that if you are away from the network, then the system is trying to read the drive that is not there, causing windows to crash.

can anyone tell me why, and even better HOW to stop the save going straight to the cloud drive.

i just cant figuer out how or why this is happening.

any help would be great!!

Wow… that’s a new one on me!

Only thing I can think of is that the “desktop” registry pointer is somehow associated with the NAS WebDAV link instead of the local drive.

Check this:

… and see if that applies.