Desktop app not working. Blank screen showing - Null

Hi all,

I have seen that a few people seem to have the same probem as me. 

I have recently set up my new 3TB cloud, but can not get the desktop app to work. it just shows a blank screen with Null

I am using Windows 8.

Can any one help? I have tried the suggestions from other posts with no success. 

Welcome to the Community.

Have you tried using the latest version of the desktop app?

You can also use your NAS using Windows Explorer as opposed to the WD My Cloud app:


I´m with the same problem. Did U fix then?


hi… i have same problem…

how do i fix this?

The solution is to go into your firewall and set a new rule in the “advanced” section, allowing the wdmycloud program (navigate to it in program files when prompted) for both incoming and outgoing data.

But i disabled my firewall… =/ but doesnot work the program

more any information? =/