Dents on a New HDD

Hi there,

I have purchased a 1 TB WD Blue Hard Drive (W10EZEX) online and after I have received the shipment I noticed some dents on the HDD surface, and I would like to know if my new HDD has sustained some damages or not in order to issue a refund from the seller.
I have connected the HDD and it was detected without any problem but I am afraid that after using it and putting data on it that I will find some errors that I will not be aware of now. Please advice.


Hi @Softlander

picture looks like a damage during shipment or whatever. Within our process, such a device would never ever leave our plants. Best would be to claim this at your reseller.

How can I get a formal reply from WD that these dents are not accepted and could affect the functionality of the HD, because I am trying to make a support case but the site keeps returning errors??

Contact our Support, details are here but you need to chose your contry: