Dell Update now prevents PC Boot up if My Book is connected... How can that be fixed

A DELL Update on 02/02/2019 totally emptied and destroyed my old My Book. This I was told by a Microsoft Tech when the Computer was picked up 4 days later. He said the computer checked out fine. But the My Book was destroyed. I purchased and installed a new My Book. And that indicated another problem that Microsoft Techs have yet to identify or resolve.

The only way I can get my computer to Boot Up is to remove the cable from My Book to the computer port. Once the computer is booted up I can then insert the My Book cable into the port. And then My Book seems to function fine.

However, if I leave the My Book cable in the computer port before the computer is “started”… it will not process the start up. Instead, the monitor will continuously show the DELL logo on a black background… with no “processing” circle. It will be totally locked up. For years and years of having a My Book, that was never a problem… until after the DELL Update.

I am still trying to find a Tech who can figure out what happened… and how to fix the problem that occurred right after the DELL Update. In the meantime, it is necessary to not have My Book connected to my computer during the “boot up” process so that I can use my computer.

Have you heard of that recently happening to others. What might be the problem. How can it be resolved.


You can refer the link mentioned below and troubleshoot for the issue.

If still the issue persists, I would recommend to try different USB port of the computer.