Delivery big problem!

Hi. One month ago I send my hdd for repair and parcel and my RMA was accepted, new hard drive was send to me butparcel was lost by the UPS. By month I did not get eany information about this parcel. Can eany one help me with this ? I hawe a RMA number, tracking number and case number.

I would strongly advise checking your spelling when making enquirers

butparcel,. eany and hawe … are not words in the english language.

I think you should contact UPS and file a claim. Did you add insurance when shipping the drive? Check the UPS shipping conditions and insurance policy.

I get my hard drive.

pt., 13 lis 2020, 11:33 użytkownik frankhe via WD Community <> napisał:

I am sorry, I do not understand what you are trying to say.

Judging by what you ordered, you shouldn’t worry because they probably disassembled the ordered product and decided to ship it on more parts. Also, don’t forget that you can easily track your product using the yanwen tracking number. This number allows you to see anytime you want where your parcel is and when you will get it. It is a free service, and you don’t have to pay anything for that. Just write your parcel number in their app, and you will see everything you need to know about that.* Check for their policy on the internet. I am sure you won’t be disappointed about that.