Delivery big problem!

Hi. One month ago I send my hdd for repair and parcel and my RMA was accepted, new hard drive was send to me butparcel was lost by the UPS. By month I did not get eany information about this parcel. Can eany one help me with this ? I hawe a RMA number, tracking number and case number.

I would strongly advise checking your spelling when making enquirers

butparcel,. eany and hawe … are not words in the english language.

I think you should contact UPS and file a claim. Did you add insurance when shipping the drive? Check the UPS shipping conditions and insurance policy.

I get my hard drive.

pt., 13 lis 2020, 11:33 użytkownik frankhe via WD Community <> napisał:

I am sorry, I do not understand what you are trying to say.