I thought i deleted a single file but have deleted all my video content. Stupidly i’ve no backup, but have seen somewhere that its still got 250+ videos. There must be a way of getting them back.


Did you deleted the files from the drive or the share folder from the dashboard.

You can try using a data recovery software that works with a network drive?

ERmoral, If you know of somthing like this “You can try using a data recovery software that works with a network drive?” please suggest a name as I don’t believe this is possiable.

for data recovery you have 2 choices that require Linux knowladge. or use a 3rd party recovery service or accept the lose

If you have Linux knowladge search this forum and you can find more details and both will void your warrenty. the more established and safer procedure is to remove the drive from the case and mount it on another Linux system that you have installed recovery software on and copy the files to another drive. the other is to install recovery software on the mycloud which could potentially over write data

I was just deleating things off nas that i’ve copyed over from laptop.Which i’ve done many times before. But it said deleteing and took about 15 seconds. Which i thought was longer than normal. Went to go back to Videos and it had all gone. Not a happy chappy. But what i don’t understand is that i can still veiw them on smart tv. The video folder is still showing, but files within folder are all over the place. 

if you are brave and happy to take out your drive into a Linux system try these

recovery1  recovery2

there are other links there as well.

There is a couple more (for the life of me i forgot the names), search open source recovery software for Linux or something.