Deleting things from my Mac

Hi everyone,

This question might be kind of stupid, but I’m just wondering and I gotta be sure! Besides, I’m just way to scared and I gotta be 100% sure about it. And I’m not really good with technicy nowadays.

I’m on a holiday here in America and I made a lot of pictures and movies… Now, 500GB later I bought myself a ‘My Passport for Mac’. It’s now making a backup from my MacBook. Since my Macbook is completely full and I can’t put any picture / video on my MacBook anymore I want to delete the files on the computer (since they should be on my portable stockage). Anyways, my question is:

Can I delete the files from my computer without they’ll be deleted automatically from my portable stockage a.k.a external portable hard drive? I would cry if I delete the files from my computer and they won’t be on my ‘TB 2 USB’ too. Please help me out!

Thanks to everyone :slight_smile:

PS: If you’ll answer me, please answer in easy English since I’m from Holland and It’s hard enough to read sometimes ^^


Files that are backed up to the drive are in a different location than were the original file is.

Deleting the original does not delete the backup.

You just need to make sure the files are transferred to the external drive before deleting from the original location on the Mac.

For more information on how to use your drive: