Deleting photos in Grid view

When in grid view there are no options to rename or delete photos… Is there a setting for this or is it just not possible ? It seems to me to be a very basic and simple thing that should be there.

What app or software program are you using on what device or operating system?

Why do you want to change the names? Do you use WD Sync?

I see no need to change the name of my photos on my My Cloud because I can do that on either my desktop or laptop. I use my My Cloud mainly as a backup and would not want any problems should I have to retrieve the files back to my computers.

You do need to provide more information about the devices you are using.

Sorry, I am using Windows 7 and Internet explorer … looking via the files.mycloud address.

Cat, I mainly want to delete some. My phone automatically backs up photos to it. It would be good to be able to delete those I don’t want, you know, the photos of my hand, a wall etc…

Local to your network, or remotely?

If local, just map as a network drive and use File Explorer.


I think you’re stuffed, then… Remote access is what it is, and that’s pretty limited.

You might look at Nazar78’s WebDAV for v4 firmware devices; search the forum.

What phone do you have? Mine is a Samsung Galaxy S6. When looking at my photos all I have to do is press on one of the photos until a check box appears. Then I use the menu icon, three dots, to open the drop down menu. See example image below taken from my phone.

So from the website in the browser, 2 years later still files can’t be renamed, moved, deleted from the grid view, only from the list view.

This is pretty annoying for photos as in list view they are very small.

Agreed. This seems like a basic function needed to make a useful tool. Has this been added to the new WD NAS systems? I’m looking to upgrade soon but cannot support WD without this.