Deleting non-existent files

I’ve had my TV Live for a few days now and am delighted with the results.  I have it wired into my network.  I initially had a bit of trouble finding any files to play until I discovered the “Play To WDTVLIVE” item on the PC right-click menu.

I’ve created a directory called “TV Live” and have copied about 20 .AVI and .MKV files into it and these play beautifully.  After viewing each file I delete it from the “TV Live” directory on the PC. 

Now to the problem:  the deleted files still show up on the TV Live.  How do I delete these file names from the TV Live or, say after 6 months, must I scroll through hundreds of file names to play the one I want?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Welcome to the forums.

How are you playing your file from the Live?  Do you use the media server or net shares?

I’m using Media Server.  If I select Network Shares and log in I just get “There is no media in the current folder”.

I’m not knowledgeable about networking but, FYI, I’m running Win 7 as a Standard User with UAC enabled.  Right clicking on Computer/Properties shows “workgroup - WORKGROUP”.

If I right click on my test folder and select Share With, I see “nobody” with a yellow padlock next to it.  I’m not able to change this, even if I try logging on as admin.  I suspect my problem is something to do with this but I can’t think of anything else to try.

Thanks for your help.

In Advanced Sharing options (From Network and Sharing in the Control Panel)

  • Network Discovery - ON
  • File and Printer Sharing - ON
  • Password-Protected Sharing - OFF

Then when you right-click and choose “Share With” you should be able to select “Specific People” and then add “Everyone”.

The files/folders shared with “Everyone” should be now accessable on the WDTV.

I turned off Password-Protected Sharing as you suggested and added “Everyone” to “Share With” for my test folder but I still get “There is no media in the current folder”.

Fortunately, I can still access my files using Media Server, but the original problem of deleted files still showing up on the WD Live is still there.

Any other ideas appreciated.

Yeah, I don’t recommend using media server with the Live, so you need to straighten out your issues with net shares.

You need to see if you have WIndows Live ID assistant (or any of the “Live” programs) installed – this will screw up net shares for the Live.

Otherwise you’ll have to visit the forum for whatever media server you’re using to see how to get it to not show those files anymore (all the Live does is access the media server – it doesn’t have any ability to change or modify it in any way, so the problem lies with the media server itself).