Deleting files on MBLD

So after I succesfully loaded all my iPhoto library (255 GB) onto my MBLD (a process that took some time), and after tested it out (which iPhoto does load as it is suppose to but too slow for edits and browsing the 400+ events)…

I have tried to delete via Finder, but a Trash window comes on saying “Deleting ‘iPhoto Library’” The bar does not move for more than a day, which is longer than it took to load the data unto the drive. “Items to delete: 0” and that is it. 

Is there a back-way or another way of deleting this massive file.

I do have it setup as RAID 1 so I am wondering if that is the problem. 

Any help or leads are appreciated. Thanks.

Update: Called Tech support. Instructed to “Open Package Contents” on iPhoto Library and delete the files, folder by folder. At least with this method, it is identifying how many items to delete, currently 6 items selected = 1,768 items to delete.

Will see if this works. He did mention that RAID 1 will run slower, but my mind is at ease with the mirror setup. 

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