Deleting files from PC, will it also remove them from my portable drive?

Hey guys - I just picked up a “my Passport Ultra” (1TB). I’m expecting it to operate very similar to that of a Flash Drive in that I simply want to move all my family’s pictures, videos, etc. to that Hard Drive so they’re not eating up space on my PC. Essentially, here’s what I expect to do: Each time I add photos/videos to my PC, I’m adding them to the folder that the Portable Hard Drive is monitoring for changes (in order to get backed up). Once those files are backed up on Hard drive, I want to delete them off my PC completely. As I was doing this, I came across the question: If I delete the files from my PC, is my portable hard drive going to recognize that they’ve been deleted from the PC and delete them from the portable hard drive? I’m assuming it wouldn’t delete the photos automatically from the portable hard drive, but I wasn’t sure if the hard drive would try to act as a mirror to the PC folder or simply look for new files in that folder and continue to pull those to the portable hard drive. I just want to make sure the photos/videos get stored on the portable hard drive, and since these are family photos, I wanted to be sure before I did anything.

Thanks in advance for your help!


By default, erasing files off your system bears no effect on your portable disk drive unless you are using an additional (3rd party) synchronization software utility designed to ensure files are kept in a 1:1 ratio. Western Digital does not provide synchronization utilities at this time.