Deleting but My Book Live does not release space

I have been deleting for the past weeks and still shows the same usage. I thought it self maintained itself. I take it there is no tool to “defrag” and recoup space. Is the only alternative to move everything out and reset to factory defaults?


Well, forgetting for a moment that Defrag doesn’t recoup anything… Please be more specific as to what you’re doing.

“Deleting” – how?
“shows the same usage” – What does?

I have a 2TB WD and it says usage is at 1.9 TB. I have deleted 0.5 TB of files and it still says it has 1.9TB of usage. So what I am trying to figure out if there is a tool to recoup the “embpty” slots and thus increase my storage so I can continue using the device.

Yes, but please answer my questions above.