Deleting backdrops

I like the look of the moviesheets on the new player, but the quality of backdrops is understandably changeable.

Some are better than others - with one or two a lot of the picture information is placed in such a way that it’s hidden behind the thumbnail on the left or the strip at the bottom.  This one is particularly poor:

Also, I’m  not sure that an ever-changing slideshow of backdrops is anything other than distracting.

So, can I delete all of the backdrops bar one for each film, so I’m just left with my favourite?  Does it matter if I delete 1, 2 and 4 out of 4, leaving just the third, or do I need to re-name that as ‘1’?


Steve W

You can delete the backdrop lines out of the XML all you want.   

You will probably need to restart the player after a change like that, though.

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