Deleted share by accident - how get data back

I have accidentally deleted a Share with important data on my MyBookLive 3 TByte. Can I “undelete” the Share to get data back? Or is there any other way to get my data back? I have not done anything on my drive after the delete.



No, there’s no undelete option.

Your recovery options at this point all involve voiding your warranty and opening the case, removing the drive from the case, hooking it up to your computer running specialized linux data recovery software, or spending $$$ to have a professional data recovery service try to do it for you.

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Don’t believe there is much you can do besides what Tony suggested. And even then, using 3rd party software might not work. Sorry…

I however, will take this oppurtunity to attempt to make sure you understand the following: BACKUP

First paragraph under “Backup”:

Home users might not need redundancy but they definitely need backup, which basically means keeping separate copies of data in multiple places so that if something happens to one place you can turn to another. The more copies of data you have, the safer it is.

I would recommend you take the time to read it.

Thank you

I have a backup but it´s old. My problem is that I can´t find a good and automatic solution on backing up myBookLive drive. No USB port to directly connect another drive and using a USB drive connected to a PC takes very long time. Difficult to make automatically.

Do you have any good backup solution that I could use?


For backing up the MBL, there are two good solutions:

  1. buy a MBL Duo in the first place, then you have mirrored drives and auto backup.

2)If you have a MBL single, then get another MBL single or some or NAS on your network. Write a cron job script to sync the two drives on the network at regular intervals automatically.

IMHO, neither of those options are backups.

  1.  RAID is *never* a backup.   It’s just a redundant disk.   It doesn’t protect your data from corruption or inadvertant or malicious destruction.

  2.  Same thing here.   A Sync is not a true backup, unless the sync employs some versioning capability.

If your PC drive and the data volume on your MBL drive are not so different in size, then you can consider using ownCloud. this will auto sync your a folder on your PC with a folder on the MBL.  if you have all your data in the folder, then it should all be backed up

by the way, i agree with the post above,that the solution i offered are 'redundancy".


My suggestion, edit files on the laptop/PC. Then back those up to MBL. If you have Windows you can try the standard backup software that comes with it. or even the WD Smartware software. My sugestion is to try first, whatever comes build within the OS first.

This is the most standard way to use MBL, as a backup device for your PCs.