Deleted hub demo videos by mistake

Deleted hub demo videos by mistake on device reset. Is it possible to  get them back?

This might be the link you need:

The Hub videos seem to all be here, (click on Demos and Videos tab) and there is a download button for each one.

Have fun.

BTW, to Everyone:  These videos (and videos, etc. for all the other WD products) are stored at:   – the WD Brand website – WD’s marketing material extranet. 

Thanks for your reply, mike27. The videos listed there are not the ones deleted, There were 3, one was about nature etc.

Went to the brand site, did not see them there. Thanks again for your reply!


Just to confirm:  There were tabs for 3 groups of videos – did you check all three tabs?

Another idea:  Do you have a friend with a Hub who could copy all the videos off for you on to a flash drive or a HDD?

If all else fails, contact WD Support and see if they can help you get the videos.

Good luck