Deleted folder only disappear after reboot

After I delete a share, it is still shown on files explorer. I need to reboot the device to it go way. Is this normal?

Is this remotely through Windows Explorer? If so then yes, it will still be there until you reboot the PC - it’s an annoyance in how Windows caches things.

But if you’ve deleted the share, even if it’s shown under Explorer, you won’t be able to access anything from it if you try.

I have one “My Book Live” and when I delete a “share”, Windows explorer see automatically I have deleted it.

Strange - the persistence of shares until you refresh or re-open WE is normal I think. At least I see the same thing on both my MCM and also on other Windows machines that are connected on the same network and have shared drives on them.

All I can think of is it may relate to the samba version in use (you can select that in the MCM dashboard), but that’s just an educated guess.