Deleted Files

Is there a wastebasket that all deleted files go to when deleted. I have deleted several and the overall file size does not adjust. the deleted files must still be there somewhere but cant find them. might be an idea for WD to create a wastebasket so this can be eaily deleted when placed in the waste. Does anyone know where i can find these as run out of space. i have tried to rebuild and rescan but not resolving the issue. anyone know a simple solution to this?

No, the My Cloud doesn’t have a “wastebasket.” The higher-end versions (DL, EX series for example) do, but not the base My Cloud…

Thank you for your reply. What happens to a file when you delete it then? they must be kept within the cloud system file system as the overall size has never reduced even when deleting.

Well, I don’t know why that would be – what are you using the check the file system size? When I delete files, Windows reflects the change instantly.

I deleted a 5GB video file and using df command it showed the change.