Deleted files via networking still show up in the interface

I administrate the files from another computer. Updating, deleteing and Adding Files.

But when I delete files over the network they are still showing as available in the interface. I know for a fact they are gone. The system must keep a separate database that isnt updating. Theres an option in the itnerface to rescan the media. Doing this does not remedy the problem. All of the deleted files are still there.

Is there a way to FULLY reconstruct whatever database this is? Its like it looks for new files only, doesnt even bother to check if the existing files are actually there. VERY annoying.

please help.

edit: ok so ive found out you can go to setup > system > media library > clear media library

and this will resolve my problem… but… are you kidding me? do i need to do this every time i delete a file?

Hmm. I just tested this a couple of times… RESCAN isn’t having any problems catching deleted files for me… I tested with VIDEOS… What media are you deleting?

videos here too.

mkv, avi, mp4. even folders were showing that were not really there.

Sounds vaguely like a problem I had a couple weeks ago. I decided to reformat the drive and found the drive had damage. The repair worked but still had to reformat. Everything works fine now.