Deleted files doesnt shown in recyclebin

week ago accidentally I removed a file from directory in a dashboard I was have turned on a trash option but when I mapped a recyclebin volume 1 directory on the computer there wasn’t this file can somebody help meaby Im doing something wrong.

Recycle Bin only is in effect for volumes mounted via SMB (such as Windows). Is that how you were connected?

Here is scenario. If you delete a file/folder from the Dashboard, then you are using the admin account. You would have to map the drive on your computer using the admin account. The recycle bin enable only that user can see the files/folder delete for that user only. None of the other can see the files/folder of the other user deleted. Also check on your Dashboard - Settings - General -Services (Recycles config) to see of you have it configure to automatic clear the files after certain amount of days. The other way to check if the files/folder is there is to SSH to you unit and go type “cd /shares/Volume_1/.!@#$recycle/admin/” All the files/folders delete by user should be in there folder. Good luck