Deleted file on hardrive is showing on my Android Tv

Hi. I own a WD external hard drive. I currently purchased an android tv and used my external hard drive to watch movies. Unfortunately, the tv shows deleted pictures from years ago in a different file name. I clicked on the file and it shows the pictures i wished to forget. I access the drive on my computer but i cant locate the said pictures anymore even if i used the file name that was showing on my tv. Can anyone help me in totally removing these deleted files? Is this a cached problem? Reformatting is not an option since i dont have anything to back up my current files with. Thanks in advance.

First, what WD Device do you own?

Second, what TV shows? You say you used it to watch movies but then you say TV shows deleted pictures. Are you able to provide an image of what you are seeing and what you want to delete.

Are you on a Windows, Apple or other type of computer?