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Ive been faithful to this company. Ive always stood up to this company to my brother and friends which use sea gate.  Ive bought 3 external hard drives, a 1 gb, then a 1 gb dvr expander just for ps3, and then a 2 gb last just for extra space I needed. I lost the first 2 gbs just crashed and died I kept them clean and away from dust as much as possible. Im pissed , Ive lost so much I could never get back, Movies like inner space, troop beverly hills ,batteries not included, and north…etc. Not the best movies but ones i grew up on that aint worth buying on blu ray  and pictures from high school and family thats not around… I give it that customer service is cool. But a [Deleted] referb? and not data recovery. Those movies and pics i cant get back… I tried to find the movies online they are impossible to find to download… Im done stick n up for this company… SEA GATE HERE I COME… Selling the externals I have left not worth risking what i would wanna hold on to anymore… bye western digital !! step up your company and devices youve cost me pricesless memories and as a tech my friends got to… I will be advising that sea gate is the way they should go! P.s. Nothing against customer service. but the company needs to stop selling a paper weights aka externals. will repost on yelp.

Only a fool trusts important data to just one drive internal or external no matter who makes it.


Not one drive … 3 drives… How can you sell a device that jus dies … Everyone has this same problem …the drive dies and your computer DOES NOT READ OR RECONIZE THE DEVICE … Then they send you a referb and all you data is lost … You maybe happy with it but the external are only good for book ends… maybe it hasn’t happened to you or you work there… Well see who’s frustrated when it happens to YOU!

Ment tb

Sure it **bleep**. I just wish people would keep multiple copies of important stuff. I cannot emphasize this strongly enough! I learned this very very early in the 1970’s. And when a digital storage device fails, you’ll have a 2nd copy to fall back on. The worst that happens is you’re inconvenienced and perhaps down $100 if the warranty has expired.

Any disk from any mfg. can fail at any time. This is why backup and imaging software exists. 2 copies of important data at all times. 3 for bonus points. This way you’re covered WHEN a disk fails. Not if… And fail they do. It is a mechanical device built by people and thus subject to fail. I say this for any disk mfg. Seagate and WD alike.

Am I to guess that you had a failure and sent the disk(s) in, and you received back a blank replacement disk? Weren’t you informed that a recovery service should have been the intermediate stop prior to exchanging your disk?

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Sadly way to many people think moving data to an external is a backup even though it is the only copy they have. Most of us have learned about backups the hard way.