Deleted all files in usr/local/sbin


By accident I´ve deleted all files in usr/local/sbin.
Is it possible to download these files anywhere?

Thanks, Sonja


At the moment, those files are not available through the WD Download page.


Thanks for your answer.!

I’ve downloaded the Firmware Release 04.04.04-101. It contains an ISO image which includes the deleted files. I extracted them and copied them into the corresponding folder /usr/local/sbin.
But now my WDCloud does not boot anymore.I´ve tried a reset by the reset button (on- and offline reset), but it doesn´t work. The LED is continously on (color yellow - can´t find this color in the manual), but no boot. My router shows the WDMyCloud, but I can´t access via SSH etc.

Can someone please help? Is there any way to get the WDMyCloud working again? Maybe it´s possible to remove the hard disk, connect to pc, copy an working image and reintigrate?


From the sounds of it you may have to follow one of the various “unbricking” guides that can be found by doing a search of this subforum using the magnifying glass icon upper right. If you have a newer v2.x single bay My Cloud you may be able to unbick through the USB port so you don’t have to remove the hard drive from the My Cloud enclosure.