Delete user does not delete user

Ok so im messing about with My Book trying to set up a guest account, first thing i tried was Guest to get told thats reserved (typical) so i used another name which i then decided against so i deleted it. Problem is ive decided i do want to use that name after all so i went to set it up again and got the famous message that its already in use after i deleted it. I have tried switching the unit off and back on but the name is still in use, how do i sort this out?

Also whats the point in a delete user function if it does not actually delete the user but just removes them from the visable list?

“This share name already exists. (case-insensitive)”

Its not i deleted it!

Well i have to admit my, my book is more trouble than its worth i defiantly wount be getting another like i originally planned. The user i deleted has re-appeared from thin air and when i login to it through my browser using ftp://ipaddress i have two directories “downloads” and “guest1” amazingly tho when i use the Mybook link there is NO guest1 directory just my main user one that i set up for myself, public, config and downloads NO guest1.

It seems like the mybook does not know what it should display when or where!

I have also had problems logging into my account because i got told i was logged into another network only way i could see to fix this was by restarting the machine.

Update: WD World Book is dumb. Settings do not take effect until after a restart ive just spent a good 10minutes trying to copy a file to it to get told i do not have permission, i then changed the settings so i had full access and still got told i did not have permission restarted i have permission! -.-