Delete unnecessary backup files

Sometimes I use my PC to transfer other peoples data and photos between USB sticks and external drives. WD Smartware then kind of does the right thing and makes a copy of this data into my backup file, which I don’t need as the data isn’t mine and I don’t want it. Is there any way to delete this data from the backup. Thanks. . .

PC 3.0GHz dual core; 4GB; WD My Book 1TB w/Smartware

I have a similar problem, in that I maintain a website, a process which generates a lot of .htm files which are of interest only until I next update the website. One possible solution might be if, in addition to the filtering mechanisms already provided in WD SMartware, there was a rule which deletes (from the backup) all copies of a file one month after it has been deleted from the C: drive. I have looked at the documentation but cannot find any solution to this. Does anybody know of one?

My PC is 2.6GHz dual core, 4GB, WD Mybook Essential with Smartware

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Thanks. . .someone said you can open the MY Book backup file in Explore and delete individual files you don’t want. This sounded okay but when I did it there was still a folder listing in the backuip files for the ones I deleted, albeit empty.