Delete TimeMachineBackup Share

I’m unable delete the TimeMachineBackup share on the My Cloud EX2 Ultra, where even manually deleting the folder and symlink using an SSH connection fails to make it disappear from the Shares section of the dashboard. Curiously, I am able to delete the share on the My Cloud PR4100, so it may be something specific to the ARMv7 OS5 firmware build for the My Cloud EX2 Ultra.

Both NAS devices are running OS5 firmware version 5.16.105 and “Mac Backups” are turned off in the Settings section of the dashboard. And before anyone suggests that it might be a Linux permissions issue, I checked and that’s not the problem.

As a PC user, the TimeMachineBackup share is just useless clutter to me, and I want it GONE!!!

try using a PC and see if it can wipe the disk clean

The WD operating system is a tad useless

USB disks are less of a problem but many here suggest Synology which seems to be better for Mac users

Both drives were empty, so I decided to try formatting all volumes using the dashboard. Afterwards, I was finally able to delete the unwanted TimeMachineBackup share. If the drives hadn’t been empty, formatting all volumes would have been a big problem.

Add this to the rather long list of My Cloud OS5 quirks and bugs, most of which may never be fully resolved.

The problem is back, except this time I can’t format the drive to get rid of the stupid folder.

rm -f /shares/TimeMachineBackup
rm -rf /mnt/HD/HD_a2/TimeMachineBackup

Once again, manually deleting the symlink and folder leaves the share present in the OS5 dashboard.