Delete this please

the user Vegan just reply s I think it may be a Bot and no one else is replying .

Vegan has nothing to say but repeater what I and everyone already knows.

at this point no one has replied so i replied to myself saying nobody then vegan started his replying

given how old that disk is probably has bit the dust

my advise, get big chassis with several drive bays and keep redundant copies of important files

7-zip is available for linux too

ssd prices are lower now at thr 1TB size and they tend to last longer too

I am NOT! looking for back up advice!

Vegan If you use Linux for as long as I have you are usually aware 7zip (Why your telling me this?)

I am interested if I am on the right track with my recovery project! with the u12 chip and a donor board
“I am looking for is some sort of confirmation that I am on the right track”

can anyone comment on my situation I am about to make a purchase hoping to make me feel better on making the right move!

recovering a dead disk is very hard to do

even some labs that do it are far from 100% effective

Does anyone have the schematics for The PCB
2060 771960 rev A

I found alot of diodes that are gone and this will help identifying them I will outline it tomorrow.

Cue in vegan the bot to tell me something about diodes that really helps no one or to tell me I need a new drive … I am recoving a drive I do not care about anything but the recovery and if I am on track…

usually if a lot of diodes are gone there is major damage

like i suggested ^ it’s time for a new drive or laptop if it’s that old