Delete photos in browser grid view

WD, please provide for deleting photos while viewing them via browser in Grid View, or tell me that this is currently available.

The primary function of our WD NAS is to provide for convenient back up and organization of phone photos for the family, and keep from paying for additional cloud storage. As we all know, it is a challenge to keep on top of all the photos we take, and it is even harder to sort those into a collection for something like a family vacation. The WD NAS works great for me as the Sys Admin because I’m on the LAN and do all my sorting and deleting via File Explorer. The rest of the family accesses their backed up photos via a browser and the WD interface only allows deleting in List View rather than Grid View. They have convinced me that it is far easier to sort-delete-manage THEIR photos on their phones rather than the NAS.

WD, please update your software to provide additional capability. I am willing to upgrade from my current DL2100 if required, but cannot continue to support WD without some indication of future direction and capability.

Hopefully, Pete.

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